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About  Me

Welcome, my name is Kennedy!

I am passionate about creativity and encouraging others to surround themselves with art and nature. Growing up on a lake in the Pocono Mountains has a huge influence on who I am today. You can find me hiking, biking, kayaking, doing yoga, and walking my dog when I'm not taking pictures. Though, I never fail to bring my camera on these adventures. Looking through the viewfinder allows me to see details vividly, and experience the environment in an entirely different way. I capture people and places authentically and illuminated with natural light. I savor preserving heartfelt moments, beautiful scenery, and timeless memories in a single frame. My work is influenced by nuanced and refined artists throughout history such as: Klimt, Van Gogh, and Monet. Like them, I  ignite feelings of wonder and curiosity and tell raw stories. Earning my BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design has taught me to be thoughtful and intentional with every exposure.


We aren't that different, you and I.

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Don't Be Shy!

Skip a Beat

Some things that make my heart

“Yet there it was content to bloom, 
In modest tints arrayed; 
And there diffused its sweet perfume, 
Within the silent shade. 
Then let me to the valley go, 
This pretty flower to see; 
That I may also learn to grow 
In sweet humility.”

-excerpt from “The Violet” by Jane Taylor (1783-1824

These images are part of a ongoing personal project that I simply adore working on. They were crafted using a large format camera, and processed by hand using traditional darkroom techniques. This includes developing the images into negatives and then enlarging them into their final form as a positive image. This process is nothing short of serendipitous and magical. You truly will never know what an image looks like until after it is fully processed. The boarders around the images are photograms, a technique made popular by botanist and photographer, Anna Atkins, who heavily influences my work today. These photograms were made by exposing foliage to the light sensitive paper that the image was also being exposed onto. The way this historical process romanticizes the photographs and transports me back in time truly makes my heart skip a beat. I hope that through these photographs you can get a better sense of who I am as an artist, a photographer, a creative, and a human being.

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